Teddy’s Ladder is truly a “prep school for elementary.” By the time our students graduate, they can read, write and do double-digit math.

Reading Begins at Three.

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Why Choose Teddy’s Ladder?

Teddy’s Ladder is a boutique preschool nestled in the heart of Sienna Plantation whose sole objective is to have students reading, writing and doing double digit math by the time they graduate our program.



Teddy’s Ladder, Sienna Plantation’s premiere preschool, is gearing up for the fall semester. We are looking forward to the new school year and would be happy to show you around. We welcome families to tour our facility year-round so please come by and experience Teddy’s Ladder, a prep school for elementary. Here’s a sneak peek of our campus.

Children are eligible for enrollment at Teddy’s Ladder if they are between the ages of two months and five years, provided programming and enrollment space exists.