“Quincy aced his kindergarten readiness assessment with ease! Thank you, Teddy’s Ladder teachers, for working with my son to help prepare him for elementary school. Quincy has enjoyed the educational stations, technology, small group, and one-on-one learning environment you’ve provided on a daily basis. He’s also looked forward to the amazing science experiments and various outdoor activities like: the petting zoo, carnival, train rides, hay rides and Easter egg hunts! You all go ABOVE and BEYOND to help make learning fun! In addition to this, I’ve appreciated the reinforcement with math, phonics, sight words, and comprehension homework. It’s obvious that the teachers and staff not only love my son, but all of the students who attend your school. As an educator and a parent, I would definitely recommend Teddy’s Ladder. Thanks for loving Quincy and helping to make his early learning years meaningful and memorable!”



“I wanted to let you know that Ian is doing great! He is very well prepared for kindergarten. His teacher said that all the Teddy’s Ladder kids are excelling in school.”



“My husband and I can’t thank you and your team enough for everything you have done for Drake. His first year in public school was remarkable! He adjusted quite well. As you already know, Drake was reading well before he left Teddy’s Ladder. His Kindergarten teacher tested his reading level at the beginning of the school year and he was reading on a first grade level. By the end of Kindergarten, he was reading on a beginning second grade level. His teacher would often have to create additional assignments to challenge him. He was also able to complete research projects about various subjects of interest on his own.

The confidence Sienna Kids instilled in him enabled him to be awarded Class CEO on graduation day. His teacher said, his take charge let’s get it done attitude wowed her. His classmates looked up to him as a team leader.

Drake is now in a first grade GT class. He is excelling in first grade as well. He was recently awarded an academic reading award for being the top reader in all 8 first grade classes. His teacher says, she can always count on Drake to answer questions in class when no one else wants to participate. He is excelling in all academic subjects. He is now working multi-step word problems and performing science experiments and drawing conclusions based on his findings. He is able to write complete sentences and paragraphs. He has gained a lot of knowledge about the world around him. I can honestly say that he genuinely loves school.

Enrolling Drake in Teddy’s Ladder was the best decision we could have made as parents. Your program not only prepared Drake academically, but socially as well. He thinks of you, your team and his old friends often. When we first toured your school, we were nervous. We wanted to make sure we picked the best school for Drake. You ensured us that Teddy’s Ladder was the best place for Drake and you were absolutely correct. It was the best place for him. My husband and I want to sincerely thank you and your team for all your hard work and dedication to your students. Teddy’s Ladder is doing an excellent job at grooming our future.”



“Thank you for such a wonderful educational experience! Sophia learned so much and felt so loved! You have an exceptional school and I will continue to rave about it! Thank you for the wonderful staff you hire, they make all the difference. Sophia is certainly ready for Kindergarten! Looking forward to a fun summer.”


Gabi & Maya

“I cannot say enough about Teddy’s Ladder. All three of my children attended preschool there (one is currently still there) and their academic development has been incredible. By age 4, my twins were reading and doing double digit math. They are now excelling in Kindergarten. My now 3 year old is beginning to identify sight words and is able to complete Kindergarten level worksheets without much assistance from me. The staff and teachers are amazing and my children love the school! Ms. Beth has truly set the bar high!”



“While our daughter was enrolled in Teddy’s Ladder, she was given the full kindergarten curriculum, which we saw every week when she brought her work home. Since she would turn 6 just after the enrollment deadline of September 1, she would normally have to enroll in Kindergarten and complete the whole curriculum again. So we signed her up to test into the 1st grade and she passed. She has now completed half of the year and has integrated fully into her class both socially and academically. We cannot thank Teddy’s Ladder enough for their commitment to educating our children!”


Children are eligible for enrollment at Teddy’s Ladder if they are between the ages of two months and five years, provided programming and enrollment space exists.